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Chelsea Boss Carlo Ancelotti Dreams Of Coaching Roma

Carlo Ancelotti doesn't see himself as Chelsea coach for the long haul, revealing he would like to take the Roma bench in future.

"If Chelsea asks then I will renew my contract, but I will not stay in England forever," Ancelotti told Studio Sport XXL.

"Roma remain in my dreams."

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karim4217d ago

Haha Roma what's with and fabricated news

GJ234216d ago love grasping at straws. They'll make something out of nothing

kulka4216d ago

hahaa thats like Maradona managing Iran lol

GJ234216d ago

No way is this true. He wont go from a team like chelsea to Roma who seem to be getting worse every season

kulka4216d ago

yup there is no investment at Roma Chelsea have a lot easier job he has at Chelsea