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Chelsea Set To Table Bid For Ajax Striker Mounir El Hamdaoui

Premier League champions Chelsea are considering making a move to bring Ajax forward Mounir El Hamdaoui to Stamford Bridge.

The Moroccan striker has been in good form in the Eredivisie this season and has so far already scored 13 goals for the Amsterdam club.

El Hamdaoui, who spent an unsuccessful season at Tottenham in 2005, has reportedly been rated at £17.5 million, with talkSPORT suggesting Chelsea are the most likely to secure the player’s signature.

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karim3645d ago

He's 26 we can find a youngster as good as him and less expensive

The Hunter3645d ago

£17.5 is to less!! We buyed him this season for 5 million euro and he have a contract for 4 years! I estimate him now in his good form for 30 mil euro!!! Thats a good price!

karim3645d ago

If you want to rank players based on their CURRENT form I would rate Malouda and Drogba For 100M but El Hamdaoui is a very good and talented player but remember he was a huge flop at tottenham

The Hunter3645d ago

It was a huge flop at tottenham? He didnt get a fair chance in an official match!

Look at is goal average! It is unbelievable.. and with form I mean he is not a bad form, but he have most times a good form! That you can see at his goals!

PS: He made a wonderfull flick when he played at the spurs, but it was just a friendly!

karim3645d ago

To be honest I never saw him play for tottenham...yeah he did score some goals but never got a chance just ask giovanni dos santos..but 30M is 2 much I would say 20-23M but 30M is a large ammount of money

GJ233644d ago

@ The Hunter

That flick was fantastic. Was that his best moment for them?

kulka3644d ago

Ajax cant start selling best players again

GJ233644d ago

Ajax need to keep him if they hope of doing well in europe again.

kulka3644d ago

For 30 milion you could Buy LLorente who is better

karim3644d ago

Llorente is DEFINITELY not worth 30M I'd buy aguero or neymar instead of him

kulka3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

He is he scores all the time is the main man on his team very talented Neymar also good

GJ233644d ago

I dont think he's good enough for chelsea. Doesnt have the talent and is too old

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