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Arsene Wenger Accused Of Having Secret Affair With French Rapper

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger was last night accused of having a secret affair with a stunning blonde French rapper.

The married Premiership manager, 61, refused to confirm or deny allegations that he has been seeing 39-year-old Sonia Tatar.

He said: "I wish to deal with the matter privately."

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karim3873d ago

"I wish to deal with the matter privately." That means he did an affair ! Oh wenger your the last person I expected to do this

GJ233872d ago

Yep. No comment always means that he's done something wrong

crazyturkey3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

LoL he still a Player.......He is a gunner and shoots at anything that moves.

karim3872d ago

Lol that was funny....but don't you think that's kinda weid having an affair with a girl half your age

crazyturkey3872d ago

I think it must be common for rich older men to date really young women, though she doesn't seem that young either.

karim3872d ago

Money is everything theese days so we classify her as a WHORE

GJ233872d ago

I think it'd be worse for her having to look at wenger

kulka3872d ago

I wonder why on earth would she do it with Wenger only money can explain that

karim3871d ago

@kulka maybe she's an Arsenal fan and she want to give him a SPECIAL gift :P

kulka3871d ago

perhaps with Henry there were a lot of Frnech players on the team she supports country men

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kulka3872d ago

enough of youth Wenger went for a 39 year old with expierence very unlike him

karim3871d ago

lol wenger now knows that experience is everything

GJ233872d ago

22 year gap between them. The Gap is older than most of his team

karim3871d ago

he should let her be his assistant maybe the team can get a "very special" reward when they play well

GJ233871d ago

I think it would be more of a punishment having Wengers sloppy seconds :/

kulka3871d ago

lol special treats for best players maybe she can also bring in her friends