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Video: Salvatore Aronica’s disgraceful challenge on David Ngog (Liverpool-Napoli)

Aronica produced a shocking tackle on the Liverpool striker leaving him a doubt for the visit of Chelsea. Graham Taylor: “You naughty boy!“

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karim4252d ago

He didn't even aim at the ball...straight red and 3 match ban in my opinion

kulka4252d ago

agree terrible tackle

no_more_heroes4252d ago

and yet, his leg wasn't broken. So either Ramsey, Eduardo and Ben-Arfa are VERY brittle-boned or the tackles that they received were even harder.

GJ234251d ago

I think it's because they are brittle boned tbh. That tackle looked worse than theirs.

karim4251d ago

Ramsey's tackel was horrifying

kulka4251d ago

bad tackle could have broken a bone

GJ234251d ago

I dont know why players do this. It's not hard to keep your leg down while tackling

kulka4251d ago

they have not got time to think adrenaline works