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Shay Given, Shaun Wright-Phillips, Roque Santa Cruz & Wayne Bridge To Be Ditched In January

Roberto Mancini will reportedly stamp his authority on the Manchester City squad in January with a clear-out of a number of the club’s playing staff.

The Sunday Mirror is reporting that the under-fire City manager is set to rid the club of any dead wood, with around £50 million worth of talent likely to get the chop.

Mancini inherited a large squad of high earners from his predecessor Mark Hughes, and with questions being raised about harmony at the club, the Italian is apparently set to get rid of some of the highly paid stars at Eastlands.

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Messishow4403d ago

They need to clean up now. Start buiding a team on the players they have, not buying all the time

Maradona4403d ago

Agree. They just buy and buy. Just like Chelsea did without results.

karim4403d ago

Chelsea : 3 Premier league, 3 Fa CUPS,1 League Cup 1 CL final and 5 Semis...Without results ! yeah right

GJ234403d ago

I do really dislike the way City, Chelsea and Madrid go about their business. Teams that build from their youth team seem to have more success, like Man United or Arsenal

RedDevils4402d ago

They just buy and buy. Just like Real Madrid did without results.

kulka4402d ago

Barcelona is a better example 7 players are youth products very successfull club

kulka4403d ago

more like Real Madrid in the last couple of years bought the best players could not win anything

GJ234403d ago

They need to thin out the team. There is no way they can keep all those players happy

Messishow4402d ago

Im not a manu fan if you compare thoose two teams:
Manu have the money but they have one squad in right squad which Ferguson build to one playing team. All the players in their 22 squad can go right in the first elleven and do a good job.
City: Buy, sell, buy, sell. They never have a abillity to build a good squad. There are only 6-7 good players who can do the job. Thats how Chelsea was in the start with Abrahamowitch.

GJ234402d ago

Yeah teams like City that have big players coming in all the time seem unable to get some chemistry between their players as seen with all the little arguments they keep having on the pitch

kulka4402d ago

all players go there for the money

kulka4403d ago

not if you have 8 strikers lol

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