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HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea: EPL 07.11.10

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1-0 Torres 11'

2-0 Torres 45'
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Messishow4213d ago

Chelsea met a much better team today. Great result.

kulka4213d ago

great for Liverpool Hodgson proved he is the man top four is the minimum we can expect from Liverpool this season we finally kicked off our season

GJ234213d ago

Hodgson really isn't very good for liverpool. The first half was organised brilliantly, but the second half liverpool were dominated. Liverpool could have easily lost their lead. He should have continued like he had the teamin the first half. Chelsea would have been humiliated if he had

karim4213d ago

here's the problem GJ23 ancelotti knows his teams flaws after the 1st half so he'll introduce drogba who'll cause lots of headache's for liverpool's defence so hodgson acted smart and let ALL of his team play know if they played like they did in the 1st half they could have lost because of drogba's deadly counterattacks so for me hodgson is a VERY GOOD manager

zeddy20104212d ago

hodgson is a decent manager but i prefer martin o'neil.

RedDevils4212d ago

I thin hes overrated, Look how many bad transfers he made, and if the team is shit in financial he can't do Jack shit, I think Moyes is way ahead of him

moha104213d ago

If we get top 4 this year it will be great.

zico4213d ago

This L`Pool team are good enough for top 4 (and even better).

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The story is too old to be commented.