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Liverpool 2-0 Chelsea: Torres finally hits form as brilliant brace stuns champions at Anfield

Liverpool overcame a lacklustre Chelsea side 2-0 on Sunday as Fernando Torres scored twice to send his team into the top half of the Premier League table for the first time this season.

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karim4303d ago

I must say that was the best performance i've seen from torres EVER and chelsea one of the worst 1st half...but Liverpool were clearly the better team and beat us deservingly...and Howard webb was sh*t today ;)

kulka4303d ago

yup Karim at least you are telling the truth :P
Liverpool should have a penalty and win it 3-0 but thats soccer 2-0 is not bad

karim4303d ago

Sorry penalty ?? You mean maxi's dive...and we should also have a penalty when Kuyt brought down cole and remember in the 1st half...when kaloud controlled the ball and was in front of reina then webb incorrectlly whistled for a foul against one of your defenders he didn't even have a contact with him i'm really angry with webb's performance

kulka4303d ago

he is a bad referee should not be allowed taking care of gsmes at this high standard

freeduck4303d ago

no karim it was definitely a penalty for maxi...
and no where in that game did chelsea deserve a penalty it was an incredibly fair challenge.

3-0 shoulda been the score, agree the referee could have been better.

karim4303d ago

If it was a penalty why didn't maxi at least protest he past chech and then fell he could have easily scored...but you also gotta admit that chelsea had a penalty unawarded and some incredibly bad decisions like kalou's INVISIBLE foul

GJ234303d ago

I think the referee was being kind to chelsea seeing as they were 2-0 behind :P

kulka4303d ago

agree could have been 3-0 ref spared them

zico4303d ago

Torres is back again! I`m happy to see him scores again, and what a brilliant second goal!

GJ234303d ago

It is good to see him scoring again. Lovely goals

kulka4303d ago

Maxi was one on one if not for that foul why would he dive he did not protest as he did not want a booking from that blind ref

GJ234303d ago

Chelsea very lucky not to have been destroyed in the first half. Great result for liverpool

kulka4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

yup I knew we would win but not as cofortably ;P