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Highlights: Getafe 1-3 Barcelona , Spanish La Liga

Highlights: Getafe 1-3 Barcelona , Spanish La Liga
0-1 Messi 23'
0-2 Villa 35'
0-3 Pedro 65'
1-3 Manu (Penalty) 70'

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Messishow3205d ago

Back on track after i disapointing match against Copenhagen.
Now we gonna get Real Madrid, looking forward to next El classico.

moha103205d ago

It`s coming soon.

Copenhagen away is a hard mach even for Barcelona. It`s not many teams taking points in Copenhagen

karim3205d ago

You must remember that mourinho is a tactical genius

kulka3204d ago

not enough to save Real

GJ233204d ago

With the players at his disposal he'll have a good year with Madrid

karim3204d ago

kulka that's what they said when he took over Inter...well the next year he won them the treble and NEVER forget that he led porto to a champions league

Maradona3205d ago

Barca are one of the best, but now its time for Mourinho show. Getafe is not to compare

GJ233204d ago

Yeah getafe isnt a good measuring stick for Barca. Need to see them against quality opposition

kulka3205d ago

Barca is going to beat real

GJ233204d ago

I doubt it. Mourinho will make it a boring game where madrid will grind out another win

RedDevils3205d ago

Valdez is still playing? and he hasn't got banned yet?

Messishow3204d ago

They made a protest, thats why

karim3204d ago

I am not surprised at all...that's really a disgrace

GJ233204d ago

Uefa need to get their act together. Small challenges they'll look into. Life threatening injuries "no comment". Its pathetic

kulka3204d ago

he should be banned for few games at least 3

kulka3205d ago

yup suprise but no ban yet

karim3204d ago

they won't ban's UEFA there is no justice for them just making english teams suffer