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Top 10 Funny Quotes in Football: From Commentators to Players

The last couple of weeks have witnessed some weird ,or bizarre, as some newspaper labeled, sayings and quotes from football managers.

A must-mention goes to former Liverpool manager, Rafael Benitez. Following his successor's remarks on Kenny Dalglish's involvement in the club, the Spaniard came up with, "White liquid in a bottle has to be milk,"—a Spanish saying which means things are so obvious for everyone to see.

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kulka4295d ago

Julian dicks was funny 11 dicks on the pitch lol

GJ234295d ago

Beckham showing off his intelligence like usual /s

karim4294d ago

I would like to play for an italian club like barcelona hahahah

GJ234294d ago

Big ron. The brightest mind in football /s

kulka4294d ago

arent Barca the curent Champions of Italy lol