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Torres: my best is yet to come

Two first-half strikes doubled the Spanish international’s tally in a troubled season but the 26 year-old’s warning that there is more to come will chill the rest of the league.

“Every day I am feeling better and improving every day,” said Torres, who has now scored 44 goals in 47 home games since his move to Anfield. “It has been difficult. It was a tough end of [last] season for me, and so was the World Cup, with lots of injuries. I do not know if I can play my best soon, but I hope I will.

Ancelotti rules out transfer window plunge“Being criticised is part of life as a footballer. At a team like Liverpool, everyone watches every game and everything you do is around the world a minute later. I know the expectation and I want to fight hard to get my top form.”

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sokrates4251d ago

I really hate to admit that I admire Torres. He is, when in shape, one of the best strikers in the world. And now he seems to be close to something. Thats good news for Liverpool. I am happy for his 2 goals against Chelsea... I guess United will pass Chelsea before the end of the year.

GJ234251d ago

Man u wont beat Man city on wednesday. All of their best players are out

ohahCantona4250d ago

They beat Coty without their best players!! Hate City, and don`t like the way they "building up" the team.

karim4250d ago

It's kinda funny how you criticize's city's spending when your team have practically done the same in the past like in 20 years so when city become strong they'll stop the kamikaze spending just like every other strong team did

GJ234250d ago

The difference with united is that they only buy big signings when they need to. They rely more on the reserves coming through or buying young players then turn them into stars. City just see who's popular in the newspapers and make a massive bid for them

kulka4250d ago

I hope they draw we dont want City to get far above Liverpool for that top four

ad4mb4250d ago

United uses their own money and not some rich mans wallet to buy our players so gtfo with that crap

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karim4251d ago

Man united are struggling more than chelsea...Chelsea and Man U need to buy some players in january

kulka4251d ago

Nope Chelsea will win the league Liverpool will be in the top four

GJ234251d ago

I cant see them being in the top 4. I can see them being 6th after tottenham and man city. I just dont see enough depth in the squad

karim4251d ago

If liverpools always play the same way they played Chelsea...they could WIN THE LEAGUE...but they should buy some strikers in january

kulka4250d ago

Yup if they play like in the first half then we are League contenders the whole team played well we even defended well

Messishow4251d ago

I think Manu will take it. They often takes 3 points in close matches. Liverpool get 4 place.Torres and the rest of the team still got to proove.Victory next time will give answers. Chelsea will fight for second place.

ohahCantona4250d ago

The first place are more open now than before Pool-Chelsea match. Now I think ManU wins before Chelsea and Arsenal. And I hope City DON`T take the 4th place!

kulka4250d ago

Liverpool needs the top four status back

GJ234251d ago

Great performance yesterday, but one good match in 3 months isnt good enough for a top striker. Hope he can carry on this form

karim4251d ago

That's not what you're gonna say when he's gonna face you ;P

kulka4250d ago

he lacked self believe after disastrous world cup now he has it back he will perfom

MaximusPrime4251d ago

Chelsea always have problems with Liverpool away matches.

Torres was fantastic and even Chelsea couldnt stop him.

Chelsea remains a strong team will finish top two. Man U will finish 3rd or 4th place due to lack of team spirit.

karim4251d ago

Man United need rooney to be on top form to win the league !

kulka4250d ago

yup we often beat you great rivalry still bilding

ad4mb4250d ago

lack of team spirit... you guys are fucking hilarious

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