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Highlights: FC Porto 5-0 Benfica, Portuguese Liga

Highlights: FC Porto 5-0 Benfica, Portuguese Liga
1-0 Varela 12'
2-0 Falcão 24'
3-0 Falcão 28'
4-0 Hulk (Penalty) 80'
5-0 Hulk 90'

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ohahCantona4301d ago

The "Portuguese El Clasico" and what a result for Porto! Now they already have one hand on the title!

Messishow4301d ago

Yes this was great. Two really good teams. Mostly on home field. Maybe Mourinho will come back one time...

GJ234301d ago

Bad sign for benfica. Fantastic for porto though, surely they will win this year

kulka4301d ago

Benfica misses di maria a lot poor result lots of thrashings this season

karim4301d ago

Didn't expect a 5-0 !!!

FootballZilla4301d ago


Anyone see Falcao back heel ;)

kulka4301d ago

you are very satisfied with this result thrashing your biggest rivals is great