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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo's Brilliant Back Pass (Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid)

Cristiano Ronaldo did not have his best Real Madrid game in the 2-0 derby win over Atletico last night.

Despite wearing his new Nike Safari boots, Ronaldo struggled to shine for the home side and failed to get on the scoresheet following a recent spell in La Liga where everything he touched seemingly resulted in a goal.

He did, though, produce a moment of magic that will likely became a viral hit on YouTube and in many ways proved that the Portuguese forward can improvise with the best of them.

In the dying moments of the match Ronaldo played a looping ball back to Xabi Alonso, doesn't sound that great does it? It was though. Video here:

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GJ234404d ago

He has great talent even when standing still lol,

Messishow4404d ago

hehe your right. Standing still and not diving...But it was a nice detail though.

karim4403d ago

Xavi's pass was better but that was nice ;)

kulka4403d ago (Edited 4403d ago )

he is a great player can do everything with the ball should stop diving though

ad4mb4403d ago

lol... you guys act as if hes the only diver in the game when nearly all players do it, if not all in some sort of way

karim4403d ago

Yeah all plyers but he should be a role model for kids...give them a good example because he's one of the best in the world