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Video: Porto fans taunt Benfica keeper Roberto with a live chicken

There was much to admire about Porto’s 5-0 dismantling of Benfica last night in the big match of the weekend in Portugal.

FC Porto now lead the table by 10 points after routing their closest rivals in a game where Hulk, the Brazilian striker, was simply unplayable.

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kulka4214d ago

it is funny to watch all the security guards trying to neutralise that dangerous spiece of chicken :P

The Hunter4214d ago

Indeed! To bad that the chicken dont run into the pitch! All that security guards trying to get that chicken and falling on the ground because the chicken is to smart :P

karim4214d ago

Chicken > Security Guards

GJ234214d ago

Outdribbled the security. Ballon D'Or nomination for the chicken next year?

karim4213d ago

yeah I think this year the chicken must take Gyan's place and she must be the favourite :P

kulka4213d ago

Xavi and Messi cant be compared to his brillance :P

karim4214d ago

Lol that was one of the funniest things I've ever seen :)

GJ234214d ago

That was hilarious. Chicken streakers are a lot better than human ones

The Hunter4214d ago

Hahaha! This chicken recieve also a stadium ban!! LMAO!

GJ234213d ago

Chickens are banned from stadiums anyway lol.

kulka4214d ago

Hope none of the Benefica players wont eat him now

GJ234214d ago

Doubt anyone caught him. He's still there now running aroung

sokrates4213d ago

were did the golf ball come from? It was for sure no eggs from the chicken.