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Cesc Fabregas reassures Arsenal fans he has no fresh hamstring problems

Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas has calmed fears he is being troubled by further hamstring problems, saying it is simply a muscle fluid problem.

Fabregas has suffered frequent hamstring injuries in the last two years, as well as suffering a broken leg last March.

This season, the Spaniard has once again been hindered by injuries and is still not on top form. There have been reports the playmaker would need another stay on the sidelines, but he has stated he simply needs to look after himself more carefully.

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no_more_heroes4401d ago

knew there had to be a reason he was looking so uncomfortable. There's "bad form" bad passes and there's "injury" bad passes, because even when not playing well he passes the ball better than he did in the Newcastle match.

GJ234401d ago (Edited 4401d ago )

Yeah i noticed that. Just doesnt look like himself

kulka4401d ago

knee injuries are very diffcult to come back from

GJ234401d ago

Arsenal better hope so. He's what makes Arsenal gel together

kulka4401d ago

he is still their main man great player hope he be fit agsin great player to watch

RedDevils4401d ago

what will they do when he gone, Wilshere is good but he not there yet