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Highlights: South Korea 0-1 North Korea [Asian Games 08/11/2010]

0-1 Ri Kwang Chon 36'

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The Hunter4214d ago

Ouch, this will gonna hurt a lot in South Korea! Always war between South and North Korea..

kulka4214d ago

yup these countries are in war since I can remember the rivlary and tension between those two countries is uncomparable to any other its more than just football these games

no_more_heroes4214d ago

well then, that should certainly help heal some North Korean wounds after their 7-0 thrashing at the hands of Portugal. That match was the first ever televised foreign anything in North Korea, so that just made it even more embarrassing.

sokrates4214d ago

True, they had some bad judgement if they wanted to show the countries faboulus players. But after all, North Korea has a good squad and they play well in parts of their games in the WC-