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Another Lucas Monday on the Liverpool Offside

"Because it’s becoming a bit of a habit to put up a post relating to him in some way on Mondays. Because I’m on the verge of taking back one of the things I said earlier and am no longer certain swapping Lucas for Schweinsteiger, even straight up, would be a smart football move. Or because what else is there left for me to say about Lucas right now?"

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KazumaKiryu3876d ago

Amazing game for him on sunday. Was my man of the match.

sokrates3876d ago

I must say I have said a lot of bad things about the Liverpool players. But Lucas impressed me to. He could fit in United:)

karim3876d ago

To bad he's loyal to his team

GJ233876d ago

Lucas was really good on the weekend. Good if he was consistent

kulka3876d ago

good but video does not work anymore :P

GJ233876d ago

Youtube sucks. Every good video gets removed because of copyright