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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo Head To Head Battle

Join us for the story so far on our players - then we look at how they played in their last Liga match...

Messi is an utterly unique specimen, not just in the confines of the modern football era but across the spectrum of the game's history. His precocious skill and incomparable dribbling ability seemingly become more refined as he becomes a more mature footballer, and from an attacking sensibility few can match his pace and precision when in possession.

At just 23 years of age, we feel like he has been with us forever; indeed it is impossible to imagine Barcelona without their talismanic figure dropping deep to collect the ball and drive towards terrified defences. His switch into a central position, masterminded by coach Pep insistence that he be at the heart of the action, has opened up additional possibilities, and he is revelling in his role as dictator, whilst also remaining goal-getter in chief.

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sokrates4214d ago

Messi wins in all qualities on the field. Maybe Ronaldo is better at the party and has a way bigger ego. I would have a half Messi than a full fit Ronaldo.

zico4214d ago

Sokrates, you played really great in the 80s, but you can`t really mean this. Have you seen Ronaldo this year? He is one of the reasons why Real a playing so great now, and they will win ElClasico later this month.

sokrates4214d ago

Dont ask me what I mean when I just wrote it! Of course I mean it, and just to let you know: Its only one thing I hate more than Portugal and thats Argentina! But, even so, I must admit Ronaldo and Messi are two of the greatest players in time. But Messi is so much better. Forget about the 80ties... Its just a nick.

GJ234214d ago

Ronaldo is a lot more entertaining but Messi id definately the best footballer and team player

kulka4214d ago (Edited 4214d ago )

Messi far better every aspect very skillfull can pass shot everything best in the world with Xavi and Sneijder behind him Ronaldo 4