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Chelsea to reject latest stadium offer

The move has come from Capital and Counties, the owners of the site, currently the home of the Earls Court Exhibition Centre, which is soon to be demolished, who are trying to maximise their returns by trying to once again tempt the Premier League champions.

Chelsea first looked at the site more than three years ago but dismissed the move as unfeasible. With a deadline looming – the end of this year – as to what is to be developed at Earls Court, the club has received another approach.

Manchester City prepare third bid for John TerryLast night a Chelsea spokesman said: “We will always look at proposals put to us and we get two or three of these a year. But we have no plans to move stadium at this time.” At present the plan is to build 8,000 new homes but this will not yield as great a return as having Chelsea move into a new 60,000-seat stadium.

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GJ234294d ago

They definately need a bigger stadium. Only the 9th biggest stadium in the Premier League

karim4294d ago

Stamford bridge is chelsea's stadium since the club was formed so the fans would be angry if they change stadiums

kulka4294d ago

they need bigger ground fns would get over it 42000 is tiny by Champions standards