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Wesley Sneijder collapsed in locker-room

Wesley Sneijder scared his team mates by collapsing in the locker-room during the half time break of the game versus Brescia last weekend.

The Inter Milan star told Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf that five minutes before half time his body started to shake and he was feeling pain all over.

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The Hunter4216d ago

That's not good! Maybe he should take a rest?

karim4216d ago

His body is feeling the pressure :(

no_more_heroes4216d ago

Wow. Guess no one can say he doesn't work hard. He's literally run himself into the ground.

PS. Why do I suddenly have only one bubble?

karim4216d ago

Yeah you're and I bet it's those Spurs fan who bubbled you down :P:P

The Hunter4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

If I look at your comments, then it are good comments.. Maybe a bug? I would PM BjornarO if I was you, maybe he know a sulution..

GJ234216d ago

Hope he recovers soon. Had a busy year with the world cup. Needs a holiday

zico4216d ago

Yes. The best players have a lot of matches during a season and this summer they had WC as wll. Maybe he need to rest.

kulka4216d ago

Needs a break too much pressure on him

ohahCantona4216d ago

Go with Rooney to the states....

sokrates4216d ago

This is nothing to be joking about. I hope they find out what it is.

karim4216d ago (Edited 4216d ago )

Rooney is Injured (well that's what they say)
Sneijder is Tired

GJ234215d ago

Rooney is avoiding the media more than being injured i think.

The Hunter4216d ago

Maybe he should dumb his women; "Yolanthe Cabau van Kasbergen" .. Lol, maybe he is overwrought because her being she acting to many on the front! Lol, Dutch people know better :P