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Wayne Rooney's not thick, he's just a softie, says Chelsea midfieder Frank Lampard

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard dismissed the perception that England team-mate Wayne Rooney is 'thick' and says the Manchester United striker has a very sensitive side.

Lampard claims Rooney is popular member of the Three Lions squad and would not treat anyone differently if he was talking to David Beckham or a young player coming into the fold for the first time.

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karim4300d ago

Good to see a player saying nice things about a fellow team-mate even if he's from a rival team

sokrates4300d ago

Not softie, just fat:) Doesnt matter, for me his the greatest player in time! More important for United than Messi for Barca.

GJ234300d ago (Edited 4300d ago )

Maybe just a little bit dumb?

ohahCantona4300d ago

dumb or not, he has done somethink stupid, but who hasn`t? He`s a great player and I`m glad he is staying at ManU

GJ234300d ago

Rooney is very over rated in my opinion. I'd have rather sold him and buy a good striker and fast winger with the money

karim4300d ago

Rooney is now out of form but when he hits it peak I know you won't say it :P and he also needs help from nani and valencia (when he comes back)

kulka4300d ago

sell Rooney buy Aguero better player also more disciplined

karim4300d ago

Aguero already said he "would like to play for Chelsea" so I was angry when chelsea didn't buy him :/

GJ234300d ago

I'd see benezma as a more likely option. He isnt fitting in at Real and fergie seems to like him a lot

kulka4300d ago

Benzema is a great player if still played for Lyon would be the best striker by now massive potential Liverpool should buy him

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karim4300d ago

I am really sure that Frank Lampard knows Rooney better than you....So this is what I have to say for you "Don't Judge A Book By It's Covers"....Or what the media says

GJ234300d ago

Thats why i said maybe. I'm just going by what i've seen from interviews and what other people say, like macheda