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Roberto Mancini: Chelsea will win Premier League as they are better than their title rivals

Manchester City boss Roberto Mancini believes Chelsea will be crowned Premier League champions come the end of the season, simply because they are better than anyone else in contention.

The Blues are currently two points clear at the top of the table after Sunday's defeat to Liverpool, but Mancini is convinced fellow Italian Carlo Ancelotti will lead his team to glory.

"I think Chelsea will win the Premier League as they are better than the other teams," Mancini said.

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karim4294d ago

Let the mind games begin

kulka4294d ago

yup I wish Benitez was still in the league used to be the best at these

karim4294d ago

No Fergie (Sir alex not the hot singer) was the master of all

GJ234294d ago

Benites was okay for a while. Fergie got to him though, Remember this "rant"? lol

ohahCantona4294d ago

I`m not so sure about that....

kulka4294d ago

Sam Allardyce is the best

karim4294d ago

Yes...Blackburn is gonna win the league how can anyone forget about it

kulka4294d ago

yup they have best manager and players they should win by at least 15 points :P

karim4294d ago

With a team like blackburn...Only with a 15 point difference ? you must be kidding me :P with players like benjani,el hadji diouf and that other dude who I forgot his name...they'll win the league in 2 months or less :P

GJ234294d ago

No way. Derby FC will beat them, Remember their unstoppable season in 07-08

kulka4293d ago

so many good teams in this league it be betweem Blackburn and Blackpool as Derby is too good to play in England

kulka4294d ago (Edited 4294d ago )

They already win Sir Alex Fergusin said that there is no point playing in this league as Blackburn always end as champions alarming the FA :P

karim4294d ago

It's useless to play when you already know that blackburn is gonna take it

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