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Arsene Wenger Responds To Allegations Of Affair With French Rapper Sonia Tatar

Arsene Wenger has released a statement addressing allegations published in the The Sun this morning that the 61-year-old Arsenal manager has been having a two year affair with "glamorous French rap star" Sonia Tatar, 39.

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ohahCantona4208d ago

She looks nice, but "the sun" is always coming with a lot of Rumors...

karim4208d ago

No wenger said it's a "serious matter" so he cheated

kulka4208d ago

Wenger confirmed it actually

GJ234208d ago

Yeah he did it. He'd just deny it if he hadn't.

kulka4208d ago

Maybe afraid that she may send him some freestyle rap if he lies lol

zeddy20104208d ago

kudos wenger i suppose.

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