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Derby win `not so special` - Evra

France defender Patrice Evra claims it will be nothing special for Manchester United to beat Manchester City on Wednesday night - because they have bigger ambitions than getting the better of their local rivals.

The teams go head to head in the Barclays Premier League at Eastlands with the visitors only three points above their mega-rich hosts, and with Evra claiming City are all talk and need to prove themselves on the pitch.

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karim4341d ago

Well maybe not for you but for the fans it means a lot

GJ234341d ago

He needs to win this. Man city will never shut up if they win

STiRacer4341d ago

this should be a good match. question, im american, i get the feeling people in the UK hate City, Why is that?

kulka4341d ago

Because they want to buy the league which is not the way football should be done

sokrates4341d ago (Edited 4341d ago )

the team is not built up- they just buy established stars- paid by rich owners. its become a happy go lucky club. no body likes a club just getting good because of money... a bit like chelsea a few years ago.

STiRacer4341d ago

Thanks guys. Now I get it, just like Yankees back here in the states.

kulka4341d ago

derby are the most important games he is going to play in

GJ234341d ago

Stop talking about it then. I think he's taking over fergie's mind games

zeddy20104341d ago

evra's just playing it down, this is the most important game of the season but i think it might be a draw.