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Manchester City 0-0 Manchester United: Mancini settles for point as frustrated visitors shade derby

Manchester City and Manchester United played out an eventless 0-0 draw at Eastlands on Wednesday night.

In a game that was stunted by City's negative approach, both sides struggled to make an impact on the game with a Carlos Tevez free kick and Dimitar Berbatov volley being the only two instances of note.

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The Hunter4293d ago (Edited 4293d ago )

I expected a better match as a real English match! It wasnt.. And Mancini is stupid! His first sub was in the 70 min or so.. and then in injury time he bring Adebayor for Tevez! How stupid is he? Will he want to win the match or not?? :S

no_more_heroes4292d ago

like I said below, Mancini might be looking for a Job in January, maybe sooner, because I doubt the City fans are happy with the way their team plays given the immense attacking potential that they have.

GJ234292d ago

After losing to lech he wont be there for long. They'll wait for a good manager to come available then sack him

GJ234292d ago

Mancini is a bad coach if you want to win.Prefers to draw big games rather than go for it. Very dissapointing from city

kulka4293d ago

first goaless draw in history says it all

no_more_heroes4292d ago

City were too Italian. I don't think Mancini will/should be there much longer. At least under Mark Hughes they were exciting. Since Mancini's come in though, each of these meeting have been seeing less and less goals so I guess a 0-0 was inevitable.

GJ234292d ago

Really shocked with how they were set up. Started good for 10 mins then just defended deep for the rest of the match

GJ234292d ago

Teves v Rafael was the only exiting momentof the match