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VIDEO: Jay Emmanuel Thomas Scores A Wonder Goal For Arsenal Reserves V Everton

Jay Emmanuel Thomas is an Arsenal youngster who has been tipped for some time to emerge from the conveyor belt of talent produced by Arsene Wenger as he continues to produce wonderful moments in the reserves.

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kulka4292d ago

great skill Arsenal are sorted for the future

no_more_heroes4292d ago

hope Liverpool gets whichever youngsters Damien Comolli recommends and gives him chances, 'cuz you won't be disappointed. Worked wonders for us with Henry, Viera, etc and Bale, Berbatov, etc for Tottenham, just to name a few.

kulka4292d ago

yup you are 100% right great scout maybe best in the world Pires also found by him hope to have the same results at Anfield

GJ234292d ago

He is really good at picking players. Cant believe spurs fired him

kulka4292d ago

you serious did Spurs fire him?

Maradona4292d ago

maradona show:) great talent

no_more_heroes4292d ago

I'm just sitting back, rubbing my hands together and chuckling a VERY evil chuckle as I watch this.

Guess this also answers the question on what his best position is, then.

karim4292d ago

Technically it's a wonder dribble not a wonder goal :P

kulka4292d ago

yup but the lad deserves alot of credit great for the future

karim4292d ago

LEGEND in the makind...reminds me of henry

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