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Cristiano Ronaldo: Manchester United's Sir Alex Ferguson is the best coach in the world

Real Madrid's Cristiano Ronaldo believes his former boss Sir Alex Ferguson is the best coach in the world.

The 25-year-old spent six fruitful years at Old Trafford, where he won three Premier League titles, an FA Cup, two League Cups, a Champions League trophy and the Fifa Club World Cup. And to add to his successes, he also won the Ballon d'Or in 2008 among a plethora of other individual awards.

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zico4338d ago

He (Ferguson) is the manager of one of the world's biggest clubs with success for over 15 years. That's impressive. My opinion is that A.Wenger is the manager who gets the most out of little resources. Although he must sell the great profiles, he is able to develop new young people to step up among the best ones, it is impressive. I would like to have Wenger building up a "new Liverpool", but that will never happen....

ohahCantona4338d ago

Ferguson is the best manager in the world. Would not have had any other!

Messishow4338d ago

I go for Maradona as the best. He should come back for Argentina.
Mourinho number 2, Ferguson 3, wenger 4.

GJ234338d ago

Maradona is unproven. He did well for Argentina but not much else

kulka4338d ago

did not have a good world cup picked wrong team

kulka4338d ago

Ferguson Ancelotti and Wenger are the best Mourinho is also in there

Messishow4338d ago

Ancelotti is not even close

kulka4338d ago

he won alot 2 champions leagues lots of Italian cups and in England great coach of course that he deserves place among the best

Messishow4338d ago (Edited 4338d ago )

ok kulka i am a bit agree:) good results

karim4337d ago

Really @Messishow Ancelotti 2 CL 1 CL final loss...Serie A...Premier League And FA CUP IN THE SAME SEASON (Chelsea's first double) well that's good for me

The Hunter4338d ago

Mourinho and Van Gaal are the best coaches of the world!

zico4338d ago

Agree, Van Gaal is a good manager. The same is Ancelotti. Personally I don`t like Mourinho. I think he soon will face adversity and problems. Anchelotti are doing a better job in Chelsea now that he did when he was manager.

Wath about Sven-Göran Eriksson?

GJ234338d ago

Sven was good. Then he got the england job and everything went downhill from there

The Hunter4338d ago

Sven doesnt have won real prizes, a world class coach win prizes with different clubs! Van Gaal, Mourinho and Carlo did that!

So, IMO Fergie is not a world class trainer, he is good, but not world class.. And it is to late to proof himself at a another club..

RedDevils4337d ago

LMFAO you absolutely don't know anything SAF didn't manage just Manchester united alone hint, there also another club

The Hunter4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

He coach indeed 2 scottish clubs: Aberdeen and St. Mirren.. I know! But he didnt won a real prize with those two (champions league).

Look at this:
-Mourinho won 2 CL titles with FC Porto and Internazionale and the EPL (best competition) title with Chelsea (and he is a youth coach, so he can win even more!)
-Carlo Ancelotti won 2 CL titles with AC Milan and he won the EPL title..
-Van Gaal won 1 CL and a Intercontinental Cup with Ajax.. Last season he was runner-up with Bayern in the CL..

SAF is a good trainer, but IMO, YES IMO.. he is not world class..

RedDevils4337d ago (Edited 4337d ago )

*facepalm* Ajax Dutch biggest team and one Europe Elite team, Porto, Portuguese Biggest team, AC Millan One of the World Biggest team with 7 CL behind Real Madrid, tell me managing those teams is not so hard to win anything at all, and Compare with Aberdeen and St. Mirren, Have you even heard of them if SAF wasn't there?

Those club is like some third division teams compare to the club to list from those managers you mention, and getting them to win a UEFA Cup and Super cup is not easy and also winning back to back Scottish Cup and league 3 times.

For people that are in the football for so long, or any professional players and managers would think your opinion is laughable to say SAF is not World Class, is like saying Manchester United is not a world Class team, before he take over, Manchester United is just an ordinary English team and is way behind Liverpool when it come to silverwares

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