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Liverpool goalkeeper Pepe Reina insists he's 'fully committed' to Anfield club

Reports have suggested that the Spain international, who signed a new six-year contract with Liverpool towards the end of last season, had expressed a desire to quit Anfield.

However, the 28-year-old has insisted this is untrue.

"I have not told the manager that I wish to leave in January or at any time," he told

"It is important our fans know this. I have a long-term contract at the club and am fully committed to the club."

Reina added: "I have seen a newspaper has made this suggestion. It is completely untrue."

Rumours about the goalkeeper's future have been circulating since the summer - when Arsenal were linked with a bid - but intensified this week when he was reported as claiming he would look at his position at the end of the season.

When asked about it on Tuesday Hodgson shrugged it off, saying the player was entitled to assess his position.

"That's fair enough, what's wrong with that," he said.

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sokrates4247d ago

If theres a bid from Real, Barca, United or Chelsea in January, we will se how "commited" Reina is to the club. But, He is right anyway telling he is. Gerrard should learn from him.

karim4246d ago

Why would Real,Barca and Chelsea would want him when the 3 clubs have World-class keepers

karim4246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Why would Real,Barca and Chelsea would want him when the 3 clubs have World-class keepers well maybe united will bid

GJ234246d ago

United need someone like him. Kusczach is good enough for first team but fergie doesnt want to play him for some reason. I cannot see a player moving from Anfield to Old Trafford of vice versa

karim4246d ago

Yes united need him but not atm but when VDS retires...+ liverpool would be stupid if they sell him to their rivals

zico4246d ago

Liverpool will never sell him to United. If he leaves he goes back to Spain.

kulka4246d ago

o way he is even thinking of moving to our fiercest rivals

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 4246d ago
karim4246d ago

Good news for pool :D

kulka4246d ago

He said he wont leave unlike Rooney Reina does not play only for the money

GJ234246d ago

Committed and wating to be there are two different things. I think he'd prefer to be at a club that can challenge for silverware

karim4246d ago

Just wait and you'll see liverpool back

kulka4246d ago

the club is in rebuilding phase wait few years and we ll be back stronger than ever