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Disgraceful Spurs' Fans Attack John Terry's Dad

Disgraceful Spurs' fans have brought shame upon their club as some mindless 'fans' have attacked and beaten up John Terry's Dad.

Ted Terry, 56, suffered a 'serious head wound' when the pathetic hooligans attacked him at a train station.

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karim4403d ago

Pathetic hooligans....should be jailed for a few months and banned from ALL stadiums

no_more_heroes4403d ago

I hope they do. They probably don't even know that they attacked their very own manager's brother-in-law.

karim4403d ago

Yes they are retarded...but I think it's lampard's dad not terry's who is his brother-in-law

no_more_heroes4403d ago

oops...that was what I like to call a brain fart.

kulka4402d ago

it does not matter whos father in law he is violence to do with football is just sad

GJ234403d ago

They should never be allowed in a stadium again. They'll only cause more trouble

vhero4402d ago

They probably didn't know who he was and I guess it wasn't even anything to do with football but the papers found out they supported spurs and this story was made. Terrible media at it's best. So as for banning from stadiums you think anybody with a conviction should be banned?? I don't know but that's a dark road to go down. But I seriously doubt they knew it was JTs dad.

karim4402d ago

Just wondering @vhero why would Spurs fans (they were wearing scarfes of spurs) attack a really random person in the metro ?? are they this stupid ?! they knew it was his dad so they attacked him

kulka4403d ago

why would they attack his dad idiots

GJ234403d ago

Ridiculous. People are sick sometimes.

karim4402d ago

Well said and you're a man u fan also which makes it better because some man u "fans" started to make this a mockery glad you're not the same :)