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Forget Cesc Fabregas - Barcelona Should Groom Thiago Alcantara To Become Xavi’s Successor

It’s a story that’s bound to rumble on for a few summers more: Barcelona haranguing Arsenal for the services of their captain Cesc Fabregas.

Barca wasted much of last summer chasing after Cesc and got nowhere in the end as the playmaker decided to stay a Gunner, and has since gone on to pledge his future to the club. That won’t stop the Blaugrana from trying again next summer, despite the club's growing debts and escalating financial mess.

But the Catalan giants do already have a ready-made solution in the form of young Thiago Alcantara. Barca’s lack of experienced back-up players in the squad will provide their emerging youngsters will ample opportunities as the season goes on.

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no_more_heroes4399d ago

just another Barcelona youngster. seriously, they're all like that.

kulka4399d ago

hehe they have right mentalitty this player can replace Xavi if needed why Fabregas

karim4399d ago

Barca's youngsters are....just woww

GJ234399d ago

Great talent. Barca will be unplayable if all their young players are this good

kulka4399d ago

Most of them are that good and its only gets better young Messi now Young Xavi

karim4399d ago

They even have the new messi in their youth

kulka4398d ago

they have nwe Messi new Xavi new Iniesta they dont need to buy great club best in the world at what they do if there was no Barca there be no Spain team being the world champions