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Walcott rues Arsenal fan Bale not joining the Gunners

"They are two of the biggest stars in the Premier League.

This season they will come face to face in domestic and international combat.

Yet when they were wide-eyed teenage prospects at Southampton, Theo Walcott and Gareth Bale had their own Wonderwall in the room where they shared their hopes and dreams.

They both signed their names on the wall in their digs on the south coast to mark the spot where it all began and now the 21-year-olds are both starring for club and country."

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4399d ago
kulka4398d ago

two good players Bale is better though

GJ234398d ago

Yeah, Walcott is good but his injuried have cost him a lot. Bale is the best young player in the league

kulka4398d ago

Walcott is very young but already injury prone needs to fully recover before playing

GJ234398d ago

Arsene wenger would have nurtured bale a bit better i think. Maybe walcott should have joined Tottenham :P

kulka4398d ago

Bale is more skillfull Walcott has uncomparable pace though