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Video: Wayne Rooney picks his fantasy XI & shuns his Manchester United team-mates

Wayne Rooney has left himself open to criticism by revealing his ultimate fantasy XI to EA Sports in which the Manchester United forward shunned almost all of his club team-mates.

For anyone with a memory like a colander, Rooney recently found himself in the firing line at Old Trafford after the centre-forward stalled on signing a new contract after making public his belief that the quality of the current Manchester United squad is below par.

Suggesting that the Red Devils have slipped into mediocrity, it is now noticeable that Rooney only selected team-mate Nemanja Vidic to join him in his dream team.

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karim4336d ago

He chose 4 barcelona players is that a sign ? and he also chose tevez

GJ234336d ago

Good sign, 4 Barca players coming to united in the summer to keep Rooney happy :P

karim4335d ago

yes yes messi,xavi,iniesta and puyol would definitely come to united :P they already said they would love to be with their "friend" at united :P

kulka4336d ago

he also chose Reina ;P

GJ234336d ago

I think he should choose a better stiker than Rooney in his team :P Cant believe he picked Ashley Cole over Evra

kulka4336d ago

Cole is better but Bale is even better Bale should be there

karim4335d ago

Cole > Evra...and @kulka bale is now a midfielder

kulka4335d ago

yeah but he said he still feels like a left back prefers to attack from deep he only plays there as Spurs have no left sided midfilder he scores goals as well

zeddy20104336d ago

i dont think it would have right if he'd chosen everyone from his team, tbh theres not a lot of world renowned stars in the united team apart from rooney and vidic.

karim4335d ago

Vidic is better than rio ferdinand so he was right to choose him only

FootballZilla4335d ago

This dosent mean anything its just a game.