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Bribery and Tackling Aren't The Biggest Diseases In Football, Foot In Mouth Is

Rarely a week goes by where we don't get some manager, player or chief executive spouting off to the press about some vapid issue or another.

This week we were treated to Ian Holloway and Alex Ferguson raging about whatever matter of contention was vexing them at that particular moment while Arsene Wenger criticizes opponents for their tackling while his own team sit on top of the red card table in the EPL.

Every time you open a newspaper or flick on the news there is usually a manager looking to impart some wisdom on the world.

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karim3767d ago

Yeah they just keep complaining

Fagerborgbk3767d ago

I think it's getting a little too much complaining.

kulka3767d ago

complaining is very common now adays

karim3767d ago

Benitez,Wenger and Ferguson complain the most

GJ233767d ago

Nah, the worst for complaining are Mick Mcarthy, Redknapp and Benitez

kulka3767d ago

Sam Allaradyce is the best at making excuses

GJ233767d ago

Bad title, complaining is nowhere near bribery as a disease

kulka3767d ago

yup everyone complains bribery is much worse