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Fabregas thankful for lack of supporter backlash

Cesc Fabregas says he has not experienced a single negative reaction from Arsenal supporters despite signalling his desire to leave the club and join Barcelona during the summer.

Fabregas risked alienating Arsenal fans when telling Arsene Wenger he wished to join Barca prior to the World Cup finals, but the Gunners' skipper refused to go as far as submitting a written transfer request or making his dissatisfaction clear through the media.

He has now thanked Arsenal supporters for understanding the situation he found himself in and not reacting adversely to the transfer saga.

When asked if he had faced a backlash from Arsenal fans, Fabregas told The Sun: "No, not at all. I was honest about it all at the time and I think they understood the situation perfectly, 100%.

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kulka4402d ago

good to see them not booing him Barca and Arsenal are becominig big rivals of late

GJ234401d ago

Spanish teams go about signing players in a horrible way. It was Madrid with the way they tried to get Ronaldo now Barca are doing it with Fabregas. Hope something is done about the way they do this. It unsettles the player at their club

kulka4400d ago

yup you get the feeling they dont respect English teams

GJ234401d ago

Always horrible to see players booed. Good that Arsenal fans havent gone down this route

kulka4400d ago

Arsenal fans are great he would be booed if he played for other club but team captain should not be booed