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McCarthy: Premier League must fine Blackpool

Wolves manager Mick McCarthy believes the Premier League will be "toothless'' if they fail to fine Blackpool for making 10 changes for the midweek loss to Aston Villa.

The Premier League are investigating Blackpool boss Ian Holloway's decision to make the changes to his side for Wednesday's 3-2 defeat at Villa Park.

Wolves were given a suspended £25,000 fine when McCarthy made a similar move for a game at Old Trafford last season, which they lost 3-0. And the former Sunderland and Republic of Ireland manager believes Blackpool can expect the same treatment.

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karim4337d ago

Agreed if he was fined they must be also fined or it will be just stupid

GJ234337d ago

THe difference was Mccarthy put out a weak squad because he knew he was going to lose. Blackpool still put out a decent side

karim4337d ago

That's not a valid excuse they also made 10 changes so they should be fined

GJ234336d ago

It is a shame when a manager decides to change his team theres a chance he could be fined. I believe the manager should be allowed to choose the best options

kulka4336d ago

he kept one player playing :P

kulka4337d ago

sometimes you have to put a weaker team if you play in a lot of competitions but Blackpool play only in the league once a week no excuses