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Highlights: Stoke City 2-0 Liverpool, English Premier League

Stoke 2-0 Liverpool
1-0 Fuller
2-0 Jones

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njc4297d ago

Something has to be done in Liverpool. Stoke is crap!

kulka4297d ago

Liverpool did not play well but Stoke is very good at home not many teams can get points there long throws are deadly

Maradona4297d ago

Yes, I was really impressed by Stoke today. Really aggressive.

kulka4297d ago

they always make sure opposition remembers the game for a long time the size of the players allows them to bully any team

GJ234297d ago

They give every team a beating. Players dont play like they could cause they neeed to concentrate on not getting injured against them

kulka4297d ago

good one agree you should let them win or else their break your legs

GJ234296d ago

They are almost like the bullies of the premier league lol.

megacardo4297d ago

seriously Liverpool is one of the best team in the world, the shoud crush Stoke

Fagerborgbk4297d ago

Hodgson shoud be another place instead of Liverpool

GJ234296d ago

He should be in the championship at least. He isnt good enough for the premier league

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The story is too old to be commented.