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El Clasico Special: Is Jornada 13 A Jinx For Real Madrid?

The notice first published on November 13 has one more statistic. El Clasico is on 29/11 (2+9+1+1=13).

In the long history of clashes between Barcelona and Real Madrid (almost 180 games) only four matches have been held on the 13th day - and the 13th day equals a jinx for Real Madrid.

Real Madrid 4-0 Barcelona (January 28, 1934)

The first encounter on this date goes back to 1934. Valle opened the account for the Merengues, before Samitier made it two on 20 minutes.

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karim4211d ago

I really doubt...Jose Mourinho's teams can't be jinxed

kulka4211d ago

Barca are taking this one.. again

karim4211d ago

Barca aren't the same as last year...I think madrid will take it

GJ234211d ago

I see this happening too. Jose in charge of most of the best players in the world. I do think if any team is going to win, it'll be Real

kulka4211d ago

remember when I said Liverpool would beat Chelsea now I m saying Barca will destroy real Barca are a better team with better chemistry

GJ234211d ago

I see a 2-2 draw here. Cant wait for it. Should be a good match

kulka4211d ago

i think 3-1 to Barca is more likely