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AZ 2-0 Ajax: Hosts Win In Second-Half Blitzkrieg

Two goals in the space of just three minutes in the second-half saw AZ defeat Ajax 2-0 at home in the Dutch Eredivisie on Sunday afternoon to put a further dent in the visitors’ title hopes.

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The Hunter4335d ago

Jol and the board must take their belongs and must go!! Already 3 losses (2 HOME matches included).. Johan Cruyff must come to reorganize this full of shit! Suarez is Suarez no longer.. Ajax is Ajax no longer.. This is ridiculous!!

kulka4335d ago

Jol is not good enough for the club they need to bring the old Ajax spirit the young talents needs to develope Cruyff is the best for your club Daglish is the best for mine we have found our selves in deep shit and we need comrades of the past to save us again

GJ234335d ago

Cruyff definately needs to come soon. I'm sure Suarez is just in bad form. He'll be back

GJ234335d ago

Martin jol was good at tottenham. He just doesn't suit the dutch league

kulka4335d ago

jol is not for holland

Maradona4335d ago

Is the league become better, or Ajax lost their quality?

kulka4335d ago

Ajax lost quality same as Liverpool were dominating in England and then Souness messed them up