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VIDEO: Zlatan Ibrahimovic Sends Marco Materazzi To Hospital With A Kung-Fu Kick

"I did not do it on purpose, we both tried to catch the ball and we hit each other. I apologise, it can happen in football." - Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Somewhat predictably, Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic dominated the Milan derby, winning the match with an early penalty against his former club with whom he had so much league success.

One of the sub-plots of the match was Ibrahimovic's battle with veteran Nerazzurri defender Marco Materazzi, as the pair have had an up and down relationship now for a number of years.

Whilst at Juventus, Ibrahimovic was the victim of a number of poor challenges from "The Matrix" - video evidence here and here:

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Maradona4207d ago

Zlatan is a good friend of Zidane:)

karim4207d ago

I am sure that Zidane had a smile on his face when he saw that

GJ234206d ago

I'm sure Ibra will have a nice present from zidane after this

kulka4206d ago

yup maybe a transfer to real mardid

kulka4207d ago

best pals now after this lol

GJ234206d ago

Zidane is his trainer.

karim4207d ago

Good news for inter fans...Materazzi is injured !
Btw Ibra is definitely watching bruce lee's movies

Leio4207d ago

Damn he draw his foot back in the last micro second :O

GJ234206d ago

Always an entertaining match when these two are involved

kulka4206d ago

yup best derby in italy in recent years