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VIDEO: David Beckham Rages At Referee (LA Galaxy-FC Dallas)

David Beckham struggled last night as his LA Galaxy side were comfortably beaten 3-0 by FC Dallas in the Major League Soccer Western Conference championship game.

The former England captain played for much of the match through the pain barrier after picking up an early groin strain and struggled to make an impact on a well-oiled Dallas side.

Frustration boiled up and Beckham let it all out when Dallas claimed their third in the 73rd minute. 'Goldenballs' felt that Marvin Chavez was offside when he scored, all but ending LA Galaxy's season, and the former Manchester United winger let the referee know how he felt.

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SactoGamer4208d ago

Gotta love the passion of sports.

GJ234208d ago

Yeah, think Beckham overdid it a little though

sokrates4208d ago

Beckham has a temper. Always had! And he never learns how to use it propely. But I love the player- he has the real passion. always had.

kulka4208d ago

hehe Beckham is great at that

GJ234208d ago

Nice to see beckham yelling at someone on the pitch for a change instead of the fans

kulka4208d ago (Edited 4208d ago )

haha Beckham will say what he thinks to everyone wheter its fans or player or refs

karim4208d ago

Yes it's definitely better than him yelling at the fans...or the wife :P

GJ234208d ago

Bad video. Only 7 seconds of it.

karim4207d ago

Best 7 seconds of my life :P

kulka4208d ago

yup not enough did he get booked ?

zeddy20104208d ago

anyone else but becks and they would have got booked.

GJ234207d ago

He has increased MLS revenue so much that everyone gets a payrise. The refs owe him one :P

kulka4207d ago

haha American soccer is getting more widespread thanks to him

karim4208d ago

Any other player would have got a red card if he did that

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