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England 2018 asks FIFA ex-co to ignore media

England 2018 bid leaders have sent a letter to all FIFA executive committee members to try to repair the damage caused by two English media investigations into the World Cup bidding process.

The letter, from England 2018's chairman Geoff Thompson - who is also a FIFA and UEFA vice-president - and bid international president David Dein, attempts to distance the campaign from the Sunday Times and BBC Panorama investigations.

This latest fire-fighting measure from England 2018 comes after bid chiefs last week met with FIFA president Sepp Blatter for the same purpose of ensuring the English media's actions would not create an unfair bias against the country's bid in the December 2 vote.

The members of the 24-man FIFA executive committee are assured the organisation would receive a positive reception from the British media should England win the bid for the 2018 tournament against Spain/Portugal, Russia and Holland/Belgium.

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GJ234243d ago

The media should always be ignored. Too much lies these days

kulka4243d ago

goal com and the sun are examples of rubbish their accurucy is only like 20% you cant trust them

GJ234242d ago

I know, they guess everything with no real research or facts

kulka4242d ago

yup do you think they should be banned from this side??

GJ234242d ago

Some of their rumours are hilarious. But yes, i'd love to see it banned

kulka4242d ago

yup we should make a list of their stupid rumours it be funny