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Wayne Rooney could return for Manchester United against Wigan

Wayne Rooney could make his Manchester United return in Saturday's league fixture with Wigan Athletic at Old Trafford. The striker returned to the club's Carrington training base today to be assessed by the United medical staff after his week-long conditioning work in Portland.

The 25-year-old's ankle injury had healed before his trip but his personal programme in Oregon was designed to catch up on the pre-season conditioning he missed after the World Cup.

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zico3833d ago

They need him fit for fight, but I don t think he will ever get back to the level he has been

ohahCantona3833d ago

not agree with you. I think he will come back to the level he showed us last season and even better. He desperatly want revange, and will show the world he still is the best attacer in the world

The Hunter3833d ago

But, the best Attacker in the world is Messi, after that C. Ronaldo..

GJ233833d ago

He does need to prove himself to everyone, but i think he's on a downhill slope and wont recover till he's at a new club

sokrates3833d ago

At the moment Rooney is a way one of the best, but when in shape he is a much more important player than ronaldo. Rooney is a fullcome football player- Ronaldo is only an egocentric goalgetter. He is amazing, but helps only in the final part of the game.

karim3833d ago

I agree with the hunter he's not even the best attacked in the world...last season he scored goals from the hard work of Nani and Valencia but he need to score individual goals to show his true quality

karim3833d ago

@Sokrates that "goalgetter" Cristiano has 6 assists that's a good record and I am sure you wouldn't have said this if he was still at Man U

ad4mb3832d ago

and im sure you wouldnt say that if he was still at man utd

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GJ233833d ago

We need his energy in the final third. He isn't the best, but he'll do until fergie gets someone better.

GJ233833d ago

Rooney shouldnt be compared to messi at all. Messi's the perfect footballer, him and Ronaldo are a class apart

kulka3832d ago

agree Rooney is good but not half as good as Messi

ad4mb3832d ago

lol... rooney is half half as good, hes just a different type of player, either way I think he will still leave utd which i dont really care about after the crap he spewed

zeddy20103833d ago

dont mind him not scoring goals i just want to see him putting in shifts when hes playing, wasnt showing a lot of effort before.

karim3833d ago

Should be back to his best or else the fans will react badly

kulka3832d ago

they pay him alot of money the fans will kill him if he fails again