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Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti to hold inquest as Arsenal's Samir Nasri sticks the knife in

An inquest into the loss – Chelsea’s third in the league this season – will be held by manager Carlo Ancelotti at the club’s training ground when the players return from international duty on Thursday.

The loss of John Terry to his chronic back problems and the absence, also of Frank Lampard, Michael Essien and Alex severely weakened Chelsea and made them vulnerable against Sunderland.

Added to that, crucially, the replacements Ancelotti was able to call on were simply inadequate – Jeffrey Bruma remained among the substitutes – while there is a growing sense that Chelsea remain dependent on a handful of key players.

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karim4394d ago

"Chelsea lost it's quality" Ohh why did we beat you 2-0 then ? Please tell me Samir

GJ234393d ago

He means in players. Injuries have taken their toll. You'll be back to normal soon though :P

kulka4393d ago

not very soon terry out for months alex drogba lampard :/

crazyturkey4394d ago (Edited 4394d ago )

I don't think that he means that Chelsea is completely gone down.He probably means that John Terry, Frank Lampard, Michael Essien and Alex are really important to Chelsea (Quality of Chelsea) and that as long as these 4 players are out Chelsea will struggle more than they usually do(for example against Sunderland). Just like how Arsenal dont play that well without Fabregas and other players.
To me the most critical players are the defenders, Chelsea for the first time in a long time looked fragile at the back against Sunderland.

kulka4394d ago

well that happens when four key plauers are out happens everywhere all teams in the league are dependend on 3 to four players
torres gerrard reina Kyrgiakos for us
Bale Modric Van Der Vaart for spurs
Nani Vidic Rooney for United
you get the point ??