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China media slams ´worst ever´ football team

China's media showered invective on its national football team, calling the loss to South Korea a humiliating nightmare and labelling the team the worst in the nation's history.

Three-time champions South Korea knocked China out of the Asian Games comptition Monday, dominating the hosts with a 3-0 victory in front of 43,000 disappointed Chinese fans in the last 16 clash.

"This series of matches by the team that has been called 'China's worst Olympic team in history' has used their performances here to prove that they are the worst in history," the Yangtze Evening News screamed.

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kulka4207d ago

true nightmare for the players stupid communists they cant be playing in fear all the time

GJ234206d ago (Edited 4206d ago )

Immense pressure on them. Cant be easy to play with all the expectations on them

GJ234206d ago

They shouldnt expect everything. Teams just dont perform sometimes

kulka4206d ago

most of times :P
But still they dont have the players and the government expects them to be the best in the world