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Is Mourinho losing control?

Jose Mourinho has been licking his wounds this week. He forgot the old saying about it not being the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog that matters most.

Clearly, in picking on Manuel Preciado, coach of Sporting Gijon, the Special One made one of his less than special decisions.

Yes, Real Madrid duly picked up three vital points Sunday night, but only after an enormously entertaining war of words between Mourinho and Preciado, a robustly physical 90 minutes of football between the teams, and a remarkable confrontation between two sets of coaching staffs in the underground parking space of Gijon's Molinon Stadium.

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karim4286d ago

Mouringo is ALWAY in control or else he'll his time at Chelsea

kulka4286d ago

yup if he loses control he leaves not the best side of him