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Luis Nani denies Cristaino Ronaldo a wonder goal against Spain

It should have been a wonder goal. Instead it ended with daggers between teammates.

One of the highest profile international friendlies on Wednesday night saw the Battle of Iberia take place as Portugal hosted European and World champions Spain. Spicing up the contest further was the knowledge that Spain dumped Portugal out of the World Cup only a few months ago in South Africa in a match that C-Ron and co failed to turn up in.

With somewhat of a redemption on offer Cristiano Ronaldo turned on the afterburners during the first half. The world’s most expensive footballer collected possession in the inside left channel and immediately rocked Gerard Pique back on his heels as he darted down the line. And then came the touch inside, Pique went flying having swallowed the misdirection, and Ronaldo had a sight on goal.

And then came Manchester United’s greedy Luis Nani.

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karim4395d ago

Greedy glory-hunter it would have been one of the best goals in the friendlies

mjsmufc994394d ago

bit over-reaacting coming from a glory hunter himself

karim4394d ago

Well actually I am 14 and I supported Chelsea since I was like 5 Before the Roman revolution...SO think before you right

Leio4395d ago ShowReplies(3)
Pipa4395d ago

Nani wasn't dumb.
It wasn't offside, Pique was putting Nani on the game.
The ball was already in when Nani touched the ball.

karim4395d ago

Nani IS Dumb
He was why he headed when it clearly it will be in ? Answer : Glory hunter...And yes you're right about the part of the ball was in when he touched it

ad4mb4395d ago

get over it... its a friendly, no reason to react the way he did, nani didnt look offside in the first place and the ball looks like it crossed the linebefore he even got a touch on it.

ohahCantona4395d ago

Nani is a great player. C Ronaldo had did the same thing.

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