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Portugal Winger Nani Apologises To Cristiano Ronaldo For Offside Goal Against Spain

Manchester United and Portugal midfielder Nani has apologised to his former club-mate Cristiano Ronaldo for poaching what was about to be a superb solo goal in the 4-0 win against national rivals Spain, but in the end Nani's touch was ruled offside.

The winger though stated that plays like that one prove that Portugal can score big against the best teams in the world.

The Real Madrid forward sprinted, twisted and turned his way into the area before lifting a fantastic chip over the stranded Iker Casillas which, as it was about to drop over the line, Nani headed in from what was deemed to be an offside position by the officials.

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sokrates4285d ago

Of course he did. The whole world can see that he stole "GOAL OF THE YEAR" from Ronaldo! Question is what was he thinking? Heading a ball straight way to the goal on the line...

karim4285d ago

It's a great goal but definitely not "Goal of the year" there have been better goals but that one was stunning

ohahCantona4285d ago

Ronaldo had did the same thing!

karim4285d ago

The damage is done and your reputation is going to be worse

ad4mb4285d ago

lmfao you clowns take this stuff so seriously... get over it

karim4284d ago

Is it really hard to write a comment without a swear or disrespect to others ?

ad4mb4284d ago

last I heard clowns wasnt a swear word...

karim4282d ago

yes it's not a swear but it's disrespect

Pipa4285d ago

The one who should be apolegizing is the referee by making two huge mistakes.