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John Terry admits he is still angry at 'disrespectful' Fabio Capello over stripped England captaincy

Chelsea defender John Terry believes that England boss Fabio Capello was "disrespectful" to him after stripping him of the captaincy before the World Cup.

At the time, the 29-year-old had made headlines for all the wrong reasons as he was alleged to have had relationship with an ex-partner of Wayne Bridge.

After a media storm surrounding the player - which also led to Bridge calling time on his international career - Terry's role was reduced to that of a normal player, with Rio Ferdinand taking up the responsibility of leading the team.

Now, however, the Stamford Bridge fan favourite has revealed that he felt disrespected by Capello during the aftermath of his situation in the national team.

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sokrates4330d ago (Edited 4330d ago )

Terry who? He should never be the captain anyway. In my opinion, Capello had to take it from him. There are other footballers involved in his stupid acts- and as a captain you need respect and trust from the players. Who wants a captain who betrades with his friends wife?

karim4330d ago

Actually it was his EX-Wife so sleeping with your friends ex wife and getting angry doesn't make any sense...Vanessa Perroncel and EVEN HIS WIFE said he never slept with her...His wife and Terry are Perroncel's best friend and by the way Rio Ferndinand didn't attend a drug test and once drove while he was drunk...SO giving it to rio also doesn't make any sense

ad4mb4330d ago

Oh and by the way rio missing the drug test was taken way over board... he got somthing like an 8 month ban even though when he did take one he was proven not to have taken any drugs. and then a few weeks later a player (cant remember name) got around a 4 month ban after actualy taking drugs.

karim4330d ago

I think it's adrian mutu he got banned for a year and sacked by chelsea

kulka4330d ago

well all players have done bad things in the past but I think Gerrard should be the captain the only player who did something for englan in the world cup always leads by example for Liverpool

karim4330d ago

Agreed he was the heart and soul of the tree lions at the WC

ad4mb4330d ago

what the hell did gerrard do at the world cup... they all did nothing. oh and btw the friendly after the world cup dont count for shit

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karim4330d ago

I am losing my respect to Terry didn't even say "Disrespectful" Fabio Capello...He said it was disrespecting that after he got stripped from his captainacy in the Egypt friendly when 4 players traded the armband between them and he didn't even got a chance to wear it

RedDevils4330d ago

Karim, trust me you should never take serious, I see them in the same line like the sun, the guardian, caughtofside and harry harris from soccernet, they're all pathetic. I trust only Skysport and maybe BBC

karim4330d ago

Agreed ! they take all they're breaking news from other site and all their exclusives NEVER Happen

kulka4330d ago

back to the same topic they make rumours because thats their job