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Highlights: Manchester Utd 2-0 Wigan Athletic (English Premier League - 11/20/10)

1-0 Evra 45'
2-0 Hernandez 77'

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ohahCantona4391d ago

well done ManU: keep on winning! sepscial when both Chelsea and­ Arsenal loosing today. I like it.
From 7 points up to Chelsea to only goal difference now.

zico4391d ago

If ManU can get 2 or more players sent off in every­ game, maybe they might win the league....

ad4mb4391d ago

Dont talk crap, they were both reds and united were winning before that even happend anyway. oh btw you crying???????

RedDevils4391d ago (Edited 4391d ago )

Zico you clown go back to your cave where you belong, btw watch the game, we're poor, but both red cards are well deserved

P.s change your name you insult the legend name with that stupid comment, Maybe AssFace would be a great name for you

karim4391d ago

I think the rodalega sent off was pretty harsh it was on the ball

RedDevils4391d ago

On the ball with both feet sliding that an instant red no matter how you say it

karim4391d ago

Yes it was with 2 feet but he didn't intend to hurt Rafael

RedDevils4390d ago

Even if it not an intention, with both feet off the ground is an instant red, Even Alan Shearer said it

kulka4390d ago

Umited are still not good enough to win the league Chelsea are in crisis Arsenal losing to rivals it will be very open this year