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VIDEO: Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger Takes His Anger Out On A Water Bottle

Ever since Arsene Wenger joined Arsenal in 1996, the French manager has dominated the north London rivalry with Tottenham.

Today's sensational 3-2 win at the Emirates was the first time Spurs have won at Arsenal's home stadium since 1993 - and even that game was against a weakened Gunners side who were playing in the FA Cup final a few days later.

And during his time in north London Wenger has overseen a host of Arsenal victories in this particular fixture with the 2-1 Tottenham win at the back end of last season the first league loss for the Gunners in 11 years.

So, it comes as no surprise that Arsene Wenger had a hard time dealing with Tottenham's comeback at the Emirates today and the image of 'The Professor' taking his frustration out on a water bottle will live long in the memory.

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karim4391d ago

I don't blame throwing a 2 goal lead like that is unforgivable :/

MaximusPrime4391d ago

i watched the game on Sky. It was a great match but was disappointed with Arsenal's loss.

Chelsea on the other hand.... what the hell?
Carry on like that, Man U or Arsenal will succeed.

karim4391d ago

They're losing because of our RETARDED chief executive Ron Gourlay decided to terminate Wilkin's contract now we're facing the consequences

ad4mb4391d ago

lol great results today and you lost because fosters still a red inside :)

no_more_heroes4391d ago

that is absolutely nothing compared to how I felt. I'm sorry to say but if there were any projectiles near my hands I would have fired it into the sun.