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Video : Luis Suarez bites Otman Bakkal (Ajax-PSV)

“No, I do not regret what happened. Normally I always keep calm but I didn’t… I’m a little tired. This week I had to travel a lot.” – Luis Suarez.

Unlike one of the most famous boxing incidents of all time, there is very rarely much biting to be seen on the football pitch.

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karim4282d ago

Is Suarez a vampire ?

RedDevils4282d ago

only during the night lol

karim4282d ago

We busted him....a matter of time until he admits :P

presto7174281d ago

Is this Suarez guy not the same one that used his hands in the world cup? Someone should punish this guy...

karim4281d ago

He was punished but I think he was just hungry...for human blood :P

The Hunter4282d ago

He is frustated as hell, because he dont have his good form.. I said that last time also!

karim4282d ago

"Biting" your opponent will give you your form back,right ?

The Hunter4282d ago

Said I that he get his form back if he bite one? No! I said he is frustated and do this stupid things, also he frusting against the referee and linesman..

karim4282d ago

I know ! but you don't bite your opponents when you're frustrated maybe he was just hungry :P

kulka4282d ago

thats the bad diet that players are given before games lol

HOSe4281d ago

thats how they roll in uruguay